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malachy is making people leave ng

Posted by BadunkadunkGecko - 5 days ago


way to go @malachy you worthless piece of shit. you're really helping the forums with your power trip you cunt. @tomfulp im sorry but you are seriously fucking up by allowing this retard to continue being a mod. hes been nothing but a condescending piece of dogshit who bans people over the most petty shit, and this time, just like many other times, he wasnt even right. these are 2 separate people. these alts are zeiwolf, not seth. they share an ip because they live together. and now seth is gone because hes tired of dealing with @malachy and his condescending faggot-ass bullshit.



did he delete his account?

yes because hes tired of dealing with malachy and tom making excuses for him. he left the newgrounds facebook group and everything. which is why some people lost poasts, which i was going to explain that was the reason, but i still feel the need to just hold my tongue about it on the forums because i dont want to be banned by malachy. he is not making the forums feel safe like he claims to be. and he knows that. its an excuse for him to feel bigger than someone. i genuinely want him to break his fucking neck and bleed out right in front of his wife. the world does not need narcissistic pieces of shit like him polluting it.

@BadunkadunkGecko that fuckin sucks. i hope youll forgive me for not really wanting to be a part of this tho, because i dont want to get embroiled in some drama.

you're gonna be dragged into it anyway when he bans you for some petty shit at some point

@BadunkadunkGecko i already did get banned twice by him. one for calling some guy being a dick to you a retard (extended for complaining about it) and again for posting a meme with the n word in it. i cant say those bans are irational on my case tho, but thats just me. im sure he is being a dick to seth and others

can’t say I’ve been a part of this, but from what I’ve witnessed from your news posts ima just have to assume malachy’s paying Tom big tons to stay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Seth left?! Fuck off mal

Ugh! Our best boy is gone! I'll miss him. He was so great. Screw you Malachy go suck bollocks you fucking cunt. Now we have just another crappy moderator and one less great user.

no apologies, no attempt to defend himself, nothing. @malachy just stays silent and continues to be a faggot that everyone on the bbs talks shit about. we dont do it on the bbs because he bans us if his middle aged feelings get hurt. so we just say it in other places. because banning us wont change anyone's opinion @malachy. it wont change the fact that you're a dicksucking cuntface faggot that everybody hates. fuck you @malachy. gag on my dick and die you fuck

Hes a fucking bastard
Go to reddit, its where you belong

@GGishere @BadunkadunkGecko
I dont even feel safe commenting on this news post

I'm gonna miss Seth. He was a funny user and a talented musician and I liked everything about him. It's really a shame that he's gone... as @PudgieDaFrog said, we have another crappy mod and a slowly-degrading BBS..

Stupid fucking jannie. Seth was such a cool guy.

@EyeLovePoozy was better
Anyways, why is @Malachy still a mod?

@GGishere @BadunkadunkGecko I thought @Malachy had no bitches.

I can't really say much about it since I haven't had much interaction with Malachy.

Honestly I wasn't even aware that Seth left until I read this and I actually liked him based on my interactions with him so... IDK Regardless whether or not I get mixed up in all of this at some point until something happens I don't have much to comment on for the time being.

Seth is gone?! No, I will miss the man, he will forever be missed from the BBS, fuck Malachy

Any alternative sites you recommend drunkgecko? I'm not happy seth left either, we fought sometimes once or twice, but overall I thought he was a cool guy.

@GGishere @BadunkadunkGecko

Tom has a long history of putting the interest of his cronies over that of the people.


@GGishere @BadunkadunkGecko
I made a thread about saying goodbye to Seth and remembering him and TurkeyOnAStick banned me for making a drama thread by talking about the situation so I think it’s best we keep our discussion in the news posts

I sent this newspost to tom and he responded with " When a new user introduces themselves, why do you think it's appropriate to reply with "I just fucked my dad."" are you fucking serious??? That's how people on the bbs joke. That's how it's been for years. The owner of the site should know that . You can't deflect my question with such a non point like that.

It's clear tom has changed a lot since 1999. Whether it's good change or bad is up to you.

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